Thursday, October 22, 2009

Software Evolution course at UvA uses Rascal alpha milestone 2

Today, October 22nd 2009, we have created an Eclipse update site for Rascal. It features the second milestone of Rascal and its IDE based on Eclipse IMP.

This second milestone (alpha quality) release is prompted by the start of the Software Evolution course at the Universiteit van Amsterdam. Approximately 50 students will pioneer in using Rascal to reverse engineer a Java application, applying source code metrics, design recovery queries and smell detection queries.

The release represents another intermediate step towards a full release of Rascal. The improvements with respect to the previous alpha release are too numerous to mention. It's more stable, that's for sure.

Note that we do have a number of language syntax and semantics changes ahead of us before a first beta release of the Rascal language. The current version is ready for early experimentation though.

I would like to thank Paul Klint, Tijs van der Storm, Emilie Balland, Arnold Lankamp, Anya Helene Bagge, Claus Brabrand, Bas Basten, Joppe Kroon, Mark Hills, Jeroen van de Bos, Tobias Baanders, Erich Ocean and Vadim Zaytsev for either developing Rascal or providing valuable feedback!


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